Dirt, Dirt Rally and F1 Franchises Now Owned by Electronic Arts

Dirt 5
EA beat Take-Two Interactive with a more generous deal and bought out Codemasters to add their games to Electronic Arts' library.

Electronic Arts has announced the acquisition of Codemasters, the UK's oldest racing game company. The purchase will cost EA over a billion dollars.

Recently, Take-Two also made an offer to buy Codemasters for $ 994 million, but no agreement was reached - so Electronic Arts came up with a return offer. Codemasters said the partnership with EA will help the company dominate the racing game genre as the agreement adds popular franchises such as Dirt, Dirt Rally and F1 to the company's library.

Electronic Arts, in turn, issued a statement that the experience and more global market reach will help Codemasters "expand their franchises." It is reported that the deal will be completed next year.

Recall that earlier EA also acquired the company Criterion Games - the developer of the racing bestseller Burnout.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 16 December, 2020
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