"Director's Cut" of Sony's Games We'd Like to See

PlayStation 5
Sony has announced its intention to release Director's Cut of games for the PS5.

Sony have announced plans to release re-releases of games such as Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima on the PS5 platform. Apparently, these will be the so-called "director's cut" - that is, the original versions of the games, without further cuttings. A similar term is traditionally used to refer to original versions of films that have not yet been edited before the final product - Sony has not clarified exactly what they mean.

Perhaps it could be augmented versions of the storylines - or perhaps just the original game with additional content created specifically for the next generation console. The developers of Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima have not yet commented on this, however, we presented what other PS4 games would need such "extensions".

Horizon Zero Dawn

Of course, an RPG with a vast open world would need an extended edition that would open up this wonderful world for us even more. The original Horizon Zero Dawn was released on consoles back in 2017 and has become one of the best-selling games for the PS4 console. Now, with the capabilities provided by the PlayStation 5, the game needs to be improved: at least, I would like to see smoother gameplay and support for triggers on the next generation joystick. As a maximum, the developers of Guerrilla Games could take advantage of the "director's cut" feature and add new weapons and updated locations. Even though Horizon Zero Dawn was released 4 years ago, it still looks fresh, so small improvements would definitely attract a new audience to the game.

Unfortunately, Guerrilla Games is currently busy with another big project (Horizon Forbidden West), so while these fantasies do not look very realistic.

God of War

Today's version of God of War may seem too long to some: even the presentation of the game was made in the form of a film. Of course, this does not mean that the PS5's potential cannot be used in the game today - just imagine how impressive the combat system will feel in combination with the new joystick!

It may be really hard to imagine an even more expanded story in God of War 2018, but fans deserve to experience the full power of the next-gen console in this stunning game.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

As stated from the outset, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was exclusive to the PlayStaion 4 console, but now, a full five years after its release, it seems unfair. Mysterious caves and colorful tropical landscapes would look very impressive using the PS5's capabilities. In addition, unlike previous games on this list, many important details can be added to the story of Uncharted 4, for example, to tell the story of the brother of the protagonist, Sam. An adventure with him in the title role would add more detail to the game's universe without spoiling the story's excellent denouement.


This game can rightfully be called one of the most underrated games from the FromSoftware company. It has all the elements of success: a dark atmosphere, dynamic storyline and interesting characters. However, the graphical component of the game leaves a lot to be desired and this is exactly what the next generation console could fix. Unfortunately, FromSoftware is not used to "relaunching" their games with any additional content, so it would be nice to get at least some graphics and frame rate improvements from them.

Nex Machina

After Sony bought the development studio Nex Machina, it was announced that the game should not be continued. The Housemarque studio then released several high-profile new products that were a great success, so it would seem that Nex Machina has been forgotten.

However, the game was the biggest achievement for Housemarque in its entire existence, so it seems to us that it would not be fair to just forget about it. The improved graphics and potential of the PS5 would give the game a second life. Load times remained an issue on PS4, so why not fix this issue on next-gen consoles? In addition, Nex Machina brought huge profits to developers and could repeat its success.

The Last of Us Part II

It would seem that it is difficult to add something to the successful game from Naughty Dog, but among all the games on this list, an extended version of The Last Of Us Part II seems the most likely. The developers have already released an extension for the original game, so they may well do the same with the second part of the series. In addition to adding new joystick triggers, the "director's cut" could contain more details about the world of The Last of Us - in particular, it would be interesting to know the backstory of some of the game factions that we have met in the universe.


The video game Helldivers was published back in 2015 and is still a terrific PlayStation exclusive. The hardcore shooter about intergalactic war looks fresh even today - and even more exciting improvements could be added after so many years. New weapons, graphics, sound, new locations - all this would attract a new audience to the game. However, the developers would have had to work hard to fix the annoying bugs we encountered in the original game (for example, frequent connectivity issues) - but it would definitely be worth it.

The Order: 1886

This game, which was released back in 2015, had great potential - however, it was not fully realized due to the nondescript design and non-linear storytelling. The game tells a great story in a stunning setting of the alternative Britain of the 1880's and it would be great if the developers could "finish" this story to the end. The mystical world would look just amazing in the improved graphics, as well as the characters told to the end of the story. Unfortunately, the game did not receive much popularity at the time of its release, and therefore the chances of a "director's cut" are rather small. However, I would like Sony to improve their projects with such great potential.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 07 July, 2021
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