Diablo 2 returns

Diablo II: Resurrected
The developers have finally answered numerous rumors and confirmed the development of a remaster of their classic PC game, Diablo II.

Numerous rumors have been confirmed - Blizzard is working on a remaster of the legendary second part of Diablo. The company itself called it a remaster - that is, a restart of the original version of the game along with the Lord of Destruction add-on. The news came as a surprise to many as it was believed that the original game development files had been lost without a trace.

It is worth noting that the Diablo II remaster is expected to be massive - from animation to lighting. The game is scheduled for release in 2021 on all current platforms, including Nintendo Switch. In addition, it was stated that you can save your progress by switching between different platforms. The new Diablo II will also support 4K, depending on the capabilities of your platform.

"We're thrilled to bring back this classic game," said Blizzard's president. He also noted that, despite the elapsed time since the original game was released, Diablo II is still fun. It is important that Blizzard decided to approach development with respect to the original version - so, you will have the opportunity to switch the graphics to a more "classic", instead of modern. In addition, all cut-scenes will be re-shot, and the soundtrack will be updated to meet modern requirements.

Diablo II: Resurrected will be released in 2021 for all platforms, as well as for the next generation of consoles. Also, the developers will launch technical testing of the game, which you can sign up for on the official website.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 22 February, 2021
Nintendo Switch


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