Controversy between Frogwares and publisher Nacon continues

The Sinking City
This time, Frogwares accuses Nacon of publishing the game on Steam after hacking it.

Disputes continue between the Ukrainian studio Frogwares and the game publisher Nacon, which have already reached the court. Initially, the developer Frogwares publishers in various contract violations. In turn, the publisher denied these allegations.

Frogwares urged players not to buy the version of The Sinking City that appeared on the online store last week. According to the developers, the game was hacked by Nacon and, in fact, was stolen. Initially, the game was not supposed to appear on Steam at all, due to an ongoing controversy.

The studio said in a statement that Nacon gave Frogwares an ultimatum to get the full version of the game, but then it was simply hacked. Frogwares indicate that the version now available for download differs from the original, primarily in the replacement of logos and the lack of advertisements for other Frogwares products. The studio said the game needed to be hacked for such changes.

As for Nacon themselves, they published their appeal, where they indicated their violation of the terms of the current contract. Thus, the dispute between the companies will continue in court.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 03 March, 2021


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