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Concept Art of Canceled Jade Empire Sequel Available

BioWare - A Division of EA
The art director of BioWare has shown several concept arts what the characters, weapons, and armor would look like in Revolver.

The art director of BioWare published in his account the concept art of the continuation of Jade Empire - the game Revolver, which became known back in 2008. Revolver was as the second part of the legendary game Jade Empire in 2005, but during development, the course was constantly changing and, in the release was eventually canceled. However, it seems that BioWare's art director is still nostalgic for those times - he posted several images that could be part of the full game. "A few of my favorite works on this game," wrote the director.

As for the arts themselves, they look impressive - especially for 2008. From stylish character costumes to weapons and armor, the game could really work out. Revolver was supposed to be a game focused on character development, so the plot would be completely dependent on you. As a reminder, the game was canceled due to BioWare's work on Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 28 January, 2021
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